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Nancie LaPier, Shamanic Therapist, Healer and Spiritual Medium

Trainings are currently being taught privately, customized in one-on-one sessions, rather than in workshop format in order to accommodate the varying personal schedules of students. Rates are $50 per hour; minimum 3-hour blocks. Please phone (860) 344-9299 or e-mail for further details.

Offering the following workshops and trainings:

The Roots of Divination
Facilitator: Nancie LaPier
70-Hour Training
Unlocking the language of the spiritual world!

It can be said that the discovery of divination by our ancestors spawned the birth of shamanism, which in turn gave birth to all healing modalities and all religions. The Roots of Divination is an expanded exploration into this ancient art form and is presented in five, nonconsecutive, weekend formats.
Divination has been defined as a “portal” that leads us from the profane existence of everyday life into the sacred, which binds all of life together.
Divination is both an act and also a life process whereby an individual, using their natural capacities, enters into an egoless, compassionate and conscious space to gather information from the spiritual world on behalf of themselves or others. Its purpose is to allow one to see the forces at work in our lives and to shed light on ways to empower or alter those forces.
The root of the word divination, is “divine”, suggesting that when we enter into communication with other species and/or life forms, that interaction is occurring between the common divine consciousness which resides in all beings. If all beings are sacred and imbued with spirit, and the universe is alive and teeming with spirits on every level, it is unfathomable to think we would attempt to coexist within the world without communicating with it. While not all beings are necessarily harmonious with humans, the knowledge of how to interact in their worlds is seen by indigenous cultures as mandatory in one’s life. Divination is the process that allows us to witness that the world is alive!

We open our work with a close examination of divination, tracing it from its powerful and life saving beginnings to its current applications in today’s world. We learn about the mindset necessary to approach and interact within non-ordinary reality, where the spirits dwell and can be experienced and worked with. We learn about creating and holding sacred space, as well as the soul’s “journey into sacredness” where this work is done. We begin to build the foundation of a sacred craft that will nurture ourselves and others for the rest of our lives.

If everything is alive, it must possess a spirit. During part two, we will explore our connections with the four elements of earth, wind, water and fire which are the primary building blocks of physical reality. Working with the elemental spirits, performing geomancy, aeromancy, hydromancy and pyromancy, we will grow close to earth and understand the intricate balances of nature and all that lives. We will look at what separates Shamans from Sorcerers and how each goes about their work.

PART Three
Weekend Three explores our connection to the plants and trees. These spirits have much to teach us beyond their significant physical capacities. We will open our hearts and minds to these beings, learning their power, wisdom and their songs. We will also spend time contacting and working with the spirit guardians who protect them. Much of what was relegated to myth by the current dominate hierarchy concerning these spirits, was done out of fear and control. We now need to individually reopen these portals so that it is once again possible to live in accord with all that lives.

We now explore the webbing between the animal kingdom and ourselves. Although members of the animal kingdom, humans have forgotten much of what has made us powerful. In ancestral times, this power allowed us to not only survive, but to flourish. We will find and work with our personal animal spirit helpers who help us remember what we already know, that which is buried in our cellular memory but which has been lost or forgotten along the way.

We conclude our training with an examination of our connection to the heavens. Throughout history, the connection between the earth and the celestial beings of the sun, moon, planets and the zodiac has been understood as essential, and honored. Our past karma causes us to be birthed into a particular space and time under the influences of these archetypal spirits, who emit a powerful energy. To understand and work with them has always been seen as essential to living a full and powerful life.

The Roots of Divination will provide those sacred and key experiences which are fundamental to building our personal relationship with the all-pervading consciousness of All That Is!

The Roots of Shamanism
An experiential training defining the key elements of shaminism!
70-hour training.
Facilitated by Gregory Besek and/or Nancie LaPier

Shamanism has been deemed “the mother of all healing modalities and religious systems”. It is an ancient, worldwide phenomenon that has been practiced by every culture throughout history. An examination of today’s healing and spiritual systems will reveal that these methods have emerged through the explorations, expanded consciousness and compassionate heart of the shaman. Our indigenous ancestors realized that to heal spiritually, was to make whole. Through personal spiritual healing, one could help others heal and become more spiritually attuned. The shaman of a village was that person who was adept at working in the spiritual realms and who would bring help from spirit allies to ease suffering. To our ancestors, the entire universe was sacred and alive. Our sacred Earth possesses every kind of life, both organic and inorganic; if everything is alive, then all of life has a spirit. The shaman’s role is to understand the universal webbing which is the connecting source of all of life, and to help heal the individual, group and/or planet with this special knowledge. 

The Roots of Shamanism initiates participants into the four primary aspects of shamanism. These are Divination, Extraction Healing, Soul Retrieval and Psychopomp. Through knowledge and experience in these areas, life becomes sacred, expanded and powerful; one becomes humbled, awed and companioned. With this sacred knowledge, you will never feel at a loss in helping yourself or others.

We open our shamanic training by delving into our past to discover our ancestral beginnings. An overview of shamanic history and practices prepares us to begin our personal journey of awakening of potentialities.
There is an old saying that “all shamans are healers but few healers are shamans”. We will learn what separates shamans from other types of healers -- the unique and specifically performed technique which allows one to enter into a state of awareness known as the “awakened dream”, or, more commonly, the shamanic journey. Following is  an introduction  to the art of divination, very precise methods for communicating and interacting with the beings of the spiritual realms. Divination provides for an essential relationship and rapport with the spirits. It is both foundational and fundamental to all shamanic practices and shamanic work rests upon one’s knowledge and expertise in this area. (For this reason, I also offer a concentrated course called, The Roots of Divination.)

Because the Earth is known to be alive and teeming with spirits, a shaman attributes the primary cause of illness to be “misplaced” spirits. Through divination, the shaman assesses the spiritual condition of their client and performs “extraction healing”, a technique which removes the offender and returns them to their proper environment where they are able to continue their existence. Extraction is not the only healing method employed by shamans, however it is one of their fundamental practices, since it is believed that no healing can be truly successful if intrusive energies are not removed. Shamans are about raising power in themselves and others. With the many healing methods in practice today, most involve a span of time to be effective because they are process oriented, or soft in their approach. On the other hand, shamanic healing can be likened to a surgical process of the spiritual body; it helps speed healing and reduce the time of suffering

Indigenous cultures understood that traumatic life experiences that cause intense pain, fear and/or grief can cause parts of the soul to leave and find solace in the spiritual dimensions. This fragmentation however, separates us from an essential source of our life force, leaving one feeling powerless, vulnerable and open to unwanted spiritual intrusions. Through the shamanic journey, the shaman counsels and escorts these soul parts back to the individual, enabling them to become re-spirited and more powerful. This process is known as “soul retrieval”.


Shamans have traditionally worked with people in the dying process to help release them from their attachments on earth and prepare them for their journey to the dimensions of the afterlife. During this training, we will learn to compassionately assist people in detaching from physical life so that their dying process becomes a more accepted and natural experience rather than a fearful and or regretful one. We will also learn how to sort the confusion of discarnate souls who may be stuck in their death transition due to fear, lack of spiritual conviction and the resultant attachments to the material plane. The shaman escorts these lost souls to the proper spiritual dimensions in order that they may continue their path on the spiritual plane. The shaman becomes a Psychopomp, helping to conduct (pomp) the souls (psyche) home.

Wisdom Keepers

of the

Seven Gates

A shamanic initiation activating the Seven powers of the Creator

Prerequisite: Shamanic Training
Facilitator: Nancie LaPier
56 hours

Many spiritual traditions refer to the significance of some seven-system practice as being the essential key to a whole, healthy and fully-empowered life. Eastern practices embody the seven chakras; Native American, the seven directions; Christianity, the Seven Heavens. In this workshop we will seek the relationship, guidance, teachings and healing of the Wisdomkeepers, or spiritual helpers of The Seven Worlds. Dedicating a full day to each realm of power, we will work to deepen our understanding, building knowledge and weaving a clear, connected relationship between our inner (divine) and outer (physical) worlds. Through spiritual discourse, meditation, personal reflection, and shamanic exercises of journeying and divining, we will discover which qualities of power are inherent in each sphere and in what circumstances it may be appropriate to draw on this power. Layer by layer we will each build an altar which honors the Gatekeepers as we work to develop our personal system for divining, healing and alchemizing your life and the lives of others. Learning to dance comfortably and with expertise in all of these gateways brings you into balance and harmony with the Creator, bringing the blessings of deep trust and peace and an opportunity for a life filled with pure joy and magic.

Native Ways With Animals
A 42-hour shamanic workshop in Animal Communication and Natural Healing

  • If you are an animal-lover and feel that your pet companions or the animals of our natural environment are communicating with you...
  • If you want to deepen your understanding of animals and heighten your interaction and relationship with them...
  • If you want to offer natural healing and treatment options to animals...
  • If you want to help create a world at peace, with a reverence, compassion and respect for all of life...

    then this workshop will offer you an opportunity to recapture and reintegrate the timeless wisdom, philosophy and spiritual practices of our ancient tribal ancestors.
Through lecture, theory and experiential practice, you will explore and practice:
  • Proper States of Awareness
  • Methods of Interspecies Communication
    (Telepathic, Empathic, Shamanic, and Psychic/Intuitive)
  • The Shamanic Perspective, Cosmology and Journey
  • The Principles and Techniques of Hands-On Healing Therapy
    (Reiki Level I Attunement & Certificate Included)
and learn about
  • Natural Remedies
    (Herbs, Homeopathics, Nutritional and Vitamin Support)
  • Animal Support Organizations
  • Area Vets Integrating and/or Open to Alternative Compliments
  • Reference Materials and Recommended Reading

Private Yoga Sessions
Middletown, CT

A good yoga program helps to increase your resistance to everyday stresses, improves the immune system and develops self-confidence, poise and a more graceful, refined body. Yoga increases strength, flexibility, range of motion and vitality. The less tangible benefits are many and far-reaching, enriching every area of our lives.

This is a comprehensive yoga class designed to suit the needs of beginner to moderate-level practitioners, and is intended to give you a total yoga experience by implementing those techniques and practices which exercise and tone the body, mind and spirit.

Sessions begin with relaxation poses (asanas) that gently help to release tension, followed by a centering meditation to bring our awareness inward. Warm-ups and simple yoga asanas open the joints, increase circulation and prepare the muscles, tendons and structures of the body for the more vigorous portion of our yoga routine. The pinnacle of the discipline focuses on the execution of those postures that develop and improve strength, vitality and overall flexibility. Throughout the practice, focused, intentional breathing (Pranayama), Mantras (vibrational sound) and Mudras (sacred hand positions) help to calm the emotions, focus the mind, tone the organs, and purify the system. We complete the active portion of the session with balancing poses to increase concentration. A deep period of relaxation and meditation follows, providing an experiential opportunity for the self to unite with the Divine, where body and spirit can rejuvenate and heal.

Yoga for Corporate Groups
with Nancie LaPier

A Science for Living Well

Yoga is an ancient, non-religious, non-sectarian science for whole living that was established as a practical methodology in approximately 200 B.C. Though its roots are within Hindu scripture, it is entirely universal in its appeal. The practice of Yoga presumes that most of our fundamental attitudes toward life are mirrored in the physiology and biology of the body; therefore, using all of the attributes of the physical body, we can address our perceptions and emotions and effect deep, positive and lasting changes. Yoga practicum stimulates an ever-increasing state of physical health and vitality; its philosophy provides explorative opportunities that create psychological and emotional balance and facilitates self-awareness, self-responsibility and self sufficiency.

Yoga saves on health-care costs, decreases absenteeism and increases productivity because it:

        • increases health and vitality
        • boosts resistance to disease
        • fortifies and regenerates the immune system
        • noticeably reduces stress and its related disorders
        • reduces the effects of emotionally-based disorders, such as depression
        • increases energy, strength and endurance; and
        • improves focus, awareness and mental clarity

Yoga provides an environment conducive to improved sales and enhanced customer and employee relations because its practitioners:

        • are dynamic, self-confident and creative forces
        • naturally seek creative solutions to problems
        • are emotionally poised, effective and mentally clear in stressful situations
        • are resolution- rather than conflict-oriented; and
        • are positive in their approach, upbeat and cooperative

Level One – 8 hours
Level Two – 8 hours
Level Three – 8 hours
Master/Teacher Training – 8 hours

Reiki is an ancient, universal form of laying-on-of-hands complimentary healing that has gained in popularity since its re-discovery in the 1890’s by the Reverend Mikao Usui .   Today Reiki is a worldwide phenomenon, practiced by millions of individuals from all walks of life.  It is one of the most popular and widely used modern-day energy healing methods, having made its way into homes, doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics and universities.  It is easy to learn, safely administered and very healing and nurturing to the both the recipient and the practitioner.

Nancie LaPier, a seventh generation Reiki Master, will be your facilitator in this training. From Nancie, you will be receiving the hands-on transmissions of Reiki energy in order to perform Reiki healing on others. This transmission is what separates Reiki from all other types of hands-on healing modalities.  You will learn the ancient history and basic principles of laying on of hands, the theory of energy healing, the basic anatomy of the energy body and how to heal with Reiki energy in the Usui tradition.  Though you are ready to practice Reiki at the completion of Level One, each lsubsequent evel of training brings you deeper into the complexities of the art of Reiki therapy. Certificates re awarded to participants upon completion of each level of training.

Nancie LaPier
is available for private in-person or telephone sessions, private instruction and apprenticeships, gatherings, lectures and workshops. Please phone (860) 344-9299 or e-mail