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Nancie LaPier, Shamanic Therapist, Healer and Spiritual Medium

"Like animals, humans are a part of nature and possess the innate capacities of the physical body of instinct, intuition and telepathy (lower charkas in Eastern philosophy). Having focused our human awareness in the reasoning body has resulted in humanity’s abandonment of these powers and the simultaneous loss of our connection and ability to communicate with all of life. These forsaken abilities are those that produce the energy necessary to open the heart and to connect, in a profound way, to our “heavenly bodies” or the upper charkas – essential to claiming our spiritual nature and awareness. Since animals are not hindered by our seeming preoccupation with the rational mind, one might draw the conclusion that they are in a perpetually divine state of being, awareness & freedom. Perhaps then, it is our love for our animal companions and our deep need to connect with them that will ultimately move many of us into an evolved state of consciousness, love and global awareness. “— Nancie LaPier


Animal Communication & Shamanic Healing For Animals

"The shamanic perspective holds that every being in the universe is an individual manifestation of the divine and that everything is alive and has a spirit. Holding this sacred state of unified awareness graces us with the capacity to communicate with all of life, where we can gain the understanding of what is necessary for the health and well being of our animal companions.

The following services are available to provide opportunities for healing, support and eye-opening clarity on your animal’s needs and perspectives."

Description of Services

Animal Communication
An exchange of communication between you and your animal companion that increases your understanding of and compassion for one another and deepens and enlivens your relationship. Appropriate for clarifying puzzling behavior, to help locate lost animals, for gaining your animal’s perspective and negotiating resolutions; to understand your companion’s life needs, choices in their time of death, or, simply for the pure enjoyment we receive in connecting.

Medical Intuitive Readings
Used to help ascertain the cause of discomfort within the body and for suggestions of complimentary approaches for natural support and healing. Works in concert with traditional veterinary care.

Shamanic Healing
Involves shamanic practices for entering states of non-ordinary reality in order to determine the spiritual nature of dis-ease, to remove inharmonious energies from the spiritual body which are seen to be the root cause of physical disorder, and/or to return life force and power to our animal companion, which may have fragmented due to life’s various traumas. ((Includes the employment of various touch healing techniques, such as Reiki, Chelation Therapy, T-Touch, etc.)

Psychopomp, Death & Dying Assistance (Issues of Euthanasia, Death & Grief)
Psychopomp, meaning “conductor of the soul”, applies to those practices in which a shaman engages in order to help guide the souls of those passing over and to counsel, support and offer relief to those who are grieving. Can include Mediumship (personal messages of comfort and advice from our animal companion), spiritual teachings on the dying process and possible reincarnation, and suggestions for ceremonies of honor and remembrance to help us heal and move on.

Meet "Veedor" the Condor, which means "overseer" in Spanish.

Though I have worked with many exotics, Veedor has certainly been the most rare, in so far as he is believed to be the only known Andean Condor in captivity that is free-flighted. The Condor also happens to be the high totem (medicine animal) of the Peruvian Curanderos (shamans) and I accepted Veedor's visit to me as a most auspicious sanction from Spirit for the decision I made many years ago to walking my heart's path.

While visiting, Veedor, determined to entertain himself, created an exhilarating (for him) high-anxiety (for us!) energy by choosing to go "roof-hopping" in our lakeside neighborhood, where he amused himself by observing our frantic antics to entice him groundside.

When he tired, he simply came down, but not until he'd accomplished attracting many spectators roadside and had gathered a respectible crowd of boaters toward our property who we overheard to be mumbling "... I dunno, some kind-a vulture or somethin ..."


Additional Services for Animals

    Complimentary Healing
    Lost Animals
    Behavioral Counseling

Nancie is available for private in-person or telephone sessions,
private instruction and apprenticeships, gatherings, lectures and workshops.

Please phone (860) 344-9299 or e-mail

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Call (860) 344-9299
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Nancie inspired and co-founded the first Circle of Northeast Animal Communicators.