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Nancie LaPier, Shamanic Therapist, Healer and Spiritual Medium
Nancie LaPier, Shamanic Therapist, Healer and Spiritual Medium


“Intuition is an attribute of the emotional/physical body whose primary function is for protection in the material realm. To be an empath is to possess a healing power which, when perfected, allows us to take on and transmute the pain of others. Psychicism, on the other hand, is a capacity of the spiritual body. The spiritual seeker’s yearning for wisdom and meaning spawns an experience of union (yoga) from which arise those devotional practices and spiritual exercises that birth and develop the psychic (siddha) powers.”


Psychic Readings with Nancie LaPier

For determining which spiritual energies are presently influencing your life, what may be blocking you from accomplishing your goals, where you are being directed and advice for working in concert with all of the goodness available to you.

Appropriate for individuals who may be grieving human or animal companions who have passed on and who wish to heal, gain deeper understanding and/or reconnect.

Medical Intuitive Readings
Used to help ascertain the spiritual origin of discomfort within the body and for suggestions of complimentary approaches for natural support while in your process.

Reading of the Wisdomkeepers
Passes along the advice and wisdom of my personal spirit guides, the Gatekeepers of the Seven Directions. It addresses issues of the seven bodies that comprise our totality and clarifies where we are out of balance with suggestions for both spiritual and practical applications that return us to wholeness.

Channeled Reading
Brings through teachings from your personal guides to answer questions relating to the hidden mysteries and workings of the spiritual realms.

Akashic Record Reading
Through the use of Crystals, we tap into Past-Life information and the positive and negative karmic implications affecting this life as well as clarify your soul’s purpose and direction. Puts you in close connection with the essence of your spiritual nature.

Celtic Spirits of Nature Reading
A concise, focused format useful for zeroing in on a specific situation causing confusion and inertia. Illumines the Self in relation to the situation and defines the power you have within it.

Stone People’s Reading
An ancient shamanic divination technique where the client is guided to participate in the sacred ceremonial space in selecting the particular stone which carries specific messages and guidance for them.

Animal Communication
An exchange of communication between your and your animal companion which increases your understanding of and compassion for one another and deepens and enlivens your relationship. Appropriate to clarify puzzling behavior, to understand their life and death preferences or just for the pure “fun of it”.

Nancie LaPier is available for private in-person or telephone sessions, private instruction and apprenticeships, gatherings, lectures and workshops.

Please phone (860) 344-9299 or e-mail or


Reading Fees:
30 minutes: $55
60 minutes: $100
90 minutes: $140

Nancie LaPier maintains a private practice in Middletown.
Dedicated to serving the spiritual needs of both individuals and animals, she facilitates workshops in the Shamanic Arts. She was a participating editor and featured in the newly released publication, Animal Voices, by Dawn Brunke, and is the Proprietor of The Bird Drop Inn, providing boarding services for exotic parrots and education on their care. She can be reached at (860) 344-9299 or via e-mail