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Nancie LaPier, Shamanic Therapist, Healer and Spiritual Medium
 Native Ways With Animals
A three-weekend shamanic workshop in Animal Communication and Natural Healing

If you are an animal-lover and feel that your pet companions or the animals of our natural environment are communicating with you...

If you want to deepen your understanding of animals and heighten your interaction and relationship with them...

If you want to offer natural healing and treatment options to animals...

If you want to help create a world at peace, with a reverence, compassion and respect for all of life...

... then this workshop will offer you an opportunity to recapture and reintegrate the timeless wisdom, philosophy and spiritual practices of our ancient tribal ancestors.

Through lecture, theory and experiential practice, you will explore and practice:

  • Proper States of Awareness
  • Methods of Interspecies Communication
    (Telepathic, Empathic, Shamanic, and Psychic/Intuitive)
  • The Shamanic Perspective, Cosmology and Journey
  • The Principles and Techniques of Hands-On Healing Therapy
    (Reiki Level I Attunement & Certificate Included)

and learn about

  • Natural Remedies
    (Herbs, Homeopathics, Nutritional and Vitamin Support)
  • Animal Support Organizations
  • Area Vets Integrating and/or Open to Alternative Compliments
  • Reference Materials and Recommended Reading

Nancie LaPier is available for private in-person or telephone sessions, private instruction and apprenticeships, gatherings, lectures and workshops. Please phone (860) 344-9299 or e-mail